Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer favorites: nails and lips

essie nail polish
Purple Nail Polish
essie nail polish
essie nail polish
Normally I don't buy nail polish. I just wear what my mom passes down to me. However, I do know one thing and that is I like the brand essie. Dare I say it... I even prefer it over OPI. With essie I find that application easier for me and it takes much longer to chip. I came across this sweet color Lilacism at the store and have been wearing it everyday. This is my favorite nail polish of the summer, hands down (pun intended.)
essie nail polish
Orange Lips!
essie nail polishOk I understand this picture is backwards and you cant see what the label says. Even though I'm a graphic designer I don't have any design software on my personal computer. I know, I know.... Also, I'm a visual person so I'll remember the label by how it looks rather than what it actually says. So this picture is for all the art people out there. The label says "Rouge Artist Intense 39" by Make Up For Ever.
essie nail polishIf someone told me that I would be wearing orange lipstick for the summer I would've told them they are crazy. It looks much more pink in the pictures than in person. I came across this color in a Sephora in Miami while shopping. I've been on the search for a specific lipstick but I could never articulate what I was looking for until I saw "Rouge Artist Intense 39" by Make Up For Ever. This has to be the best find of the summer if not the year. I'm obsessed with this color.

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  1. I recently had a pedicure at Embellish, where they use Essie over OPI. I had never heard of it before, but I'm in love too! It lasted for almost 3 weeks, and has such a pretty, glossy finish. Love the purple, and love your blog!